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Light Fitting Guide

Bayonet Caps

Still very common in Australia, especially in older homes. It was the standard fitting until a few years ago.



Also known as SBC or Small Bayonet Cap. It is 15mm measured across the shaft of the fitting, not counting the pins


Also known as BC or Bayonet Cap. It is 22mm measued across the shaft of the fitting, not counting the pins.

Other Sizes

Other sizes such as BC9 are available on the market too, but are not common in Australia, which is why we don't carry stock.

Edison Screw

Named after Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, this fitting type is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. It is a screw type fitting with a single contact on the tip. A lot of lamp shades will have this fitting type as well. The smaller E14 fitting is common in chandeliers.



Also known as SES or Small Edison Screw. It is 14mm across the base of the fitting.


Also known as ES or Edison Screw. It is 27mm across the base of the fitting.

Other Sizes

Edison Screw also come in E5, E10, E12 and E40. We don't stock them as they are not common in Australia.

Downlight Fittings


Features two pins with a broader tip, which is used to twist and lock the bulb into place. Typically found in directional spot lights. 


Features two pins, which push into a socket that is typically attached to two flexible wires. 


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